6 Amazing Angelica Seed Essential Oil Benefits

angelica essential oil uses
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 angelica essential oil for the body

Wild Celery? Holy Ghost? Norwegian Angelica?

Angelica essential oils are taken from a special plant that thrives in the cold wet soils of countries across Northern Europe especially in Scandinavia but also in various parts of Iceland and Greenland. It is the seeds and roots of the Angelica Archangelic Plant that are used to create an essential oil, the benefits of which are the topic of this concise record.

Also known as wild celery, Holy Ghost and Norwegian Angelica, this plant has been in use for centuries by ancient apothecaries to address a variety of medicinal conditions. Teas and tinctures from the Angelica Archangelic have been used to treat digestive conditions as well as improve respiratory function.

The application of this plant for medicinal purposes continued throughout medieval Europe and the Renaissance, today many of the medicinal properties of this plant have been discovered by modern science. The constituents of Angelica Essential oils include alpha-Pinene, terpineol, camphene, terpinolene, beta pinene, bornyl acetate, rho cymene, para-cymene trans, ocimene, limonene,humulene oxide, sabinene, alpha phellandrene, beta phellandrene, cis ocimene, myrcene, and tri decanolide. The essential oils abound in the seeds, root nodules or rhizome and the plant as a whole.

angelica essential oil uses

1Promotes Good Digestion

Angelica essential oils can greatly improve the function of the digestive system. This is done by boosting the production of important digestive fluids in the stomach. It also works to ease the process of digested foodstuffs making their way through the bowel and having the last vestige of nutrition selected by the villi.

Taking a regular supplementation of angelica essential oils will ease discomforts in the system and also reduce issues of gas and promote healthy bowel movements.

angelica essential oil uses

2Purifies the Blood

Angelica essential oils have potent depurative properties that are essential for purifying the blood. This is actually one of the most potent depurative compounds on the market. IT improves the elimination processes for a wide variety of process as well including the diuretic and diaphoretic functions of the body, these increase urination and sweating. This makes it especially effective at reducing uric acid, sodium and other unwanted compounds in the body.

Angelic essential oils also provide important relief from the conditions that can arouse from having these toxins accumulate in the body and can effectively reduce blood pressure and facilitate the use of stored energy (fat). Rheumatism, gout and arthritis can also be benefited by regular supplementation.

 angelica essential oil for the body

3Increases Urine Production

Those suffering from chronic renal failure will find this to be the most significant benefit to the health. This condition can result from an excess of water retained in the body and also by other conditions such as obesity, hypertension and renal calculi. Rheumatism, gout and arthritis again can be improved with some regularity and efficiency in the urinary tract. This is where angelica essential oils can be effective when providing results and relief.

As a diuretic, Angelica essential Oils increase the quantity and frequency of your regular urination. This will not only remove you salts, fats and water more effectively, but this also means you will be regularly ridding the body of fats, salts and water.

 what is angelica essential oil used for

4Suppresses Muscle Spasms

Where you feel muscles spasms, you will find cramping, aching, coughing, diarrhea and many other unfortunate conditions of the digestive system. Spasms are involuntary action occurring within your body. This often has to do with some upset in the digestive tract and manifest in the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and organs of the gut.

The best relief is to provide the area with an antispasmodic. This will allow the muscles to relax and relieve the pain and aching caused by cramping muscles and tissues of the body. For relief to a whole spectrum of abdominal discomfort, angelic essential oils have this potent antispasmodic properties.

 how to use angelica essential oil

5Promotes Sweat Production

While you may think sweating more is not a good thing, your body works to eliminate many toxins from the body and especially the skin through sweat pores. Sweating is an important part of the body’s temperature and climate control so keeping this function in optimal condition is healthy on many levels.

In addition to the salts and water leaving the body, sweat also contains many other important toxins that must be eliminated, like bile, uric acid, fats and sebum and all these are best kept out of the body. Sweating also works to reduce the levels of potassium in the blood and this in itself can reduce the fat content, and blood pressure leading to better weight management.

Furthermore, improved eliminations of toxins like uric acid and toxins like this can relieve the discomfort of arthritis, gout or rheumatism.

 how to use angelica essential oil

6Prevents and Relieves Flatulence

The soothing effects of angelica essential oils is also effective at relieving many symptoms of the body including gas in the intestines. The effects include relaxing the muscles and allowing the gas to work through the systems easily.

This is far better than the alternative which is allowing the gasses to build up in the intestine and push upward toward the torso. This relieves the vast majority of gas related symptoms, some of which can be so bad they are mistaken for heart trouble.

While angelica essential oil may not be the most popular or well-known essential oils on the market today, there is significant evidence that shows this impressive therapeutic product deserves a spot on your medicine cabinet.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, angelica essential oils have also been used as a stimulant and tonic. It can be used to soothe and clear the presence of psoriasis and other skin irritations. An aromatic water can be produced that has important skin saving benefits.

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